The School is based in Chesham, Bucks. Lessons run six days a week right through the year, including the school holidays, as we believe it keeps the momentum up, and progress is far more rapid. Students average 46 lessons per year, rather than the paltry 30 they would get in school. After all, you don’t stop playing football just because its the summer holidays, do you?


We can, but we don't! It's not a good way to learn, as it often ends up with one student getting more attention than the others, so it isn't a good learning environment. It isn't cost effective for you in the long run, as it takes far longer to progress. Experience has taught us that one-to-one lessons are by far the best.

Yes. We don't generally teach under 8. There are several reasons for this, but they are principally that students need to be a minimum height to reach pedals properly, and have the co-ordination required to operate them as well as their hands. Rhythmic development can vary too, much like the singing voice. It is often as they approach 10 years old that these abilities increase. Students also need to be able to concentrate through a 30 minute structured lesson. It is useful if they can read reasonably well, but this isn't necessarily a deal breaker. However, we will see younger kids for the FREE TRIAL.


Yes. We believe it gives a focus for the student, and it gives structure to lessons. However, we realise it isn't for everyone and we will never force anyone to do exams. Having used a number of boards over the years, we have come back to using Rockschool, as we feel that they really understand the idiom and want to encourage candidates in their ambitions, rather than make the exam an ordeal. All students learn to read drum music however. This is not a musical snobbery thing, it's just a very practical way of giving a visual element to the learning, and is a useful way of remembering what to practise. It is far easier than many think. too. There is no big secret behind it as some musicians might lead you to believe!

We have a dedicated and enthusiastic team of teachers who range in age from 23 to, well, a bit older, and vary in their experience accordingly. We run on a hair salon-type model in regard to charges, where the more experienced your tutor is, the more you pay for your lesson. They start at just £17 for a 30 minute session with one of the younger Tutors. In the case of our Specialist tutors, they will negotiate a price individually, but you would be looking at the other end of the pricing spectrum.


Just call us on 07909 442290 or send an email to info-jtds@webmate.me and we will get in touch about the initial lesson, where John will assess who will be best for you tutor-wise. He will also let you know the slots available for that particular tutor.

Yes, Absolutely! No catch - Just mention that you’ve seen this on the website and you get an initial 30 minute consultation lesson ABSOLUTELY FREE.

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