We believe in rewarding excellence - and not just with grade results. Every March we hold our own special evening where the students get to show off the talents they have, but also be publically recognsed for their acheivements in various areas of their playing. It's always a great evening, and fun - but being Student of the Year has become a real badge of honour at JtDⓈ towers. However, a number of the winners of this accolade have gone on to have careers in music, through playing and teaching. There are a good number of examples of players at all levels who have been brave enough to take the stage at this event.


We also run regular workshops and masterclasses throughout the year. These range from big 'drum clinic' events where there are up to 300 in attendance, to our Intimate Master Class series, where pro's are giving real hands on advice to just a handful of people. In recent years we have had the likes of Gavin Harrison, Craig Blundell, Pete Lockett, and Tom Meadows, to name but a few.  You can get info on these events by liking FB page.

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