A little history. . .  

Starting off in the front room of the house, founder John Graham (above)  began teaching to provide regular income in the irregular life of a musician.  Demand started to outweigh space, so rather than having a waiting list John hit upon the idea of getting one of his advanced students to teach beginners.

The number of students expanded, and so did the number of tutors, all with the U.S.P. of being current or previous students at John the Drum School.  There was a growing need for more central organisation, so JtDⓈ became a husband and wife partnership when Katherine Graham took over the administration side, making the school run more efficiently and giving John more time to run the teaching side of things.  

 In 2011, the School moved to its own premises, where it remained until January 2023 when it relocated to brand new studios in the heart of the town of Chesham .

In 2020 when Covid hit all of us, like many, we changed our teaching to online, and then adapted our studios to enable in-person lessons to happen again as restrictions eased.  Thanks to our reputation and the loyalty of our parents and students, we were able to ride the storm.

Why choose us?

Just because you play well doesn't necessarily mean you can teach.  Many have come to us because their previous experience of tutors has been negative for one reason or another.  It isn’t necessarily that a tutor is a bad drummer, but often they  lack ability to inspire students.  At JtD we care about doing it right.  Because of the unique hand-picked nature of the way we choose tutors, it means we are all singing from the same song sheet, and that quality is assured.

 Not only can we take students right from the start of their journey, we also have the ability to mentor, tutor, and introduce those wanting to take their music to a higher standard, beyond that of the current grade system.

We have seen numerous students  move into the professional arena but most have simply enjoyed acquiring a passionate hobby.  

The JtD team has the complete package with decades of combined playing, recording, and tutoring experience to the practise. Whatever  stage you're at, we are confident we can point you in the right direction